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Emotional Problems


Even animals can suffer under experiences such as separations in the family, loss of a comrade, change of stables or other shocks. By any incidents the animals are out of their inner balance.  


Like as in human therapy it can be helpful to acknowledge the reasons and to accept. To point out the changed situation. To formulate clear what the future of coexistence and the future requirements will be. What tasks in the family can be and what kind of support the animal can imagine.


Incidentally, in many deliberations we have learned that from us people suspected problems in animals with not so beautyful past, such as animals from poor posture, street dogs from abroad, in the butcher rescues horses, and much more, the animals with a great serenity and joy live in present, and wipe the past everything other than feel burdened!


This knowledge can support us much to lead an animal from a "poor creature" to a self-confident beautiful animal to be full of joy and life to share.