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Please see the detailed sequences with the animal communicator you have selected.


Conversations are possible in direct presence of the animal and/or his human just as however on the telephone or by mail on distance. (In which the technology is just an instrument to help the communication between the human species!)


Some animal communicator then wants a photo or a hair sample, others would rather do it without these aids. It is easier if the conversation can proceed in a quiet atmosphere without interferences and the animals are well supplied and without diversion in leisure during this time. You should prepare yourself for the consultation by already formulating questions to your animal. And you should be able to tell your conceivability  or needs about your communal living with your animal. Have a pen and block ready to outline the several aspects and views. Some statements are making sense and connection immediately, others perhaps later.



What can animal communication do?



  • Discover what your animals are thinking and feeling.
  • You deepen your understanding, your relationship and your harmoniously cooperation.
  • Feel as a part of the whole again, nature is everywhere and we are included!
  • You understand the opinion of your animals about your partnership and living together.
  • You discover backgrounds and possibilities of bringing relation problems in a positiv development.
  • Support during illness and injuries, preparations for the animals in necessities, like medical supply, transportation, etc.
  • Provide help for animal shelter dogs to understand their situation and their possibilities undergoing their wishes for a new family and their chances.
  • Leading emotional problems, like traumata, depressions, morning into a dissolving process.
  • Support and understanding of the needs during the aging and process of dying
  • communications ofter the death with the soul of your animal
  • Company andudnerstanding of the mourning phase after leaving his body, support for human and animal.
  • Help your animals by preparation on changes and the best pissible handling, such as move, seperations, family increase, vacation, etc.