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can easiest and quickest be ordered at (for english once: then go to search "suche" / englische Bücher and write the english title). You can also order it at Penelope´s Website


"Gespräche mit Tieren" von Penelope Smith

" Animal talk " (english title)

In her first book Penelope Smith makes us familar with the basics of communication between people and animals, gives instructions and tips to learn this form of  communication.


"Tiere als sprechende Gefährten" von Penelope Smith

"When animals speak" (english title)

This book is a journey of discovery of a special kind. So you learn what your friends are thinking about you and people, how they form their life and death. With practical techniques telepathic succeed you insight into the spiritual understanding of animals - and how it can use as a teacher. they heal and give us inner wholeness.


" Tiere erzählen vom Tod " von Penelope Smith

" Animals in spirit " (english title)

Penelope reported sensitively by many animal friends whose teachings and statements in their last stage of life and beyond. A valuable enrichment and much to emphatize.


"Die grosse Gemeinschaft der Schöpfung " von J. Allen Boone

"Kinship with all life" (english title)

Narrativ reported by the autor of his voyage of discovery in unterstanding and coexistence with the animals.