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How can you get in contact with my pet via phone?

The phone is the only means of communication for us humans, telepathy  itself means in translation "feeling at a distance" and is independent of premises. The fact that you as a person with your animal companions are energetically in touch, the animal communicator can find the connection to the right animal. Many animal communicators would like to have a photograph of the animal for which to ask,  for example, the consortium of people in animal hospitals, nursing stations, animal shelters and so on, have no close ties to this animals which could us as energetic and "Directions".


What, if my animal doesn´t like it with me?

Many people carry this fear! In many thousands consultations were not yet a handful of animal companiens who like to lived elsewhere. This had quite a few good reasons, such as to accommodate short-term nursing posts of fre-born animals. Animals are usually our deep unterstanding associated loving care, which is also in some challenge that they provide us, certainly know what and why they do it.


Should I consider each animal an individual appointment?

In an advisory, it is often useful to the covered topic, to integrate the whole animal family which lives together. As with humans behavior, you can bring them to a better understanding. After the telepathically communication is a highly sensitive and strenuous activity, the elected animal communicator will suggest another appointment when its concentration should be exhausted. If you have different items with different animals, it is often advisable to select several appointments, so that you have better chance to feel into the individual interactions.



There are so many offers of animal communications, how can I find through?

Basically, we recommend to find the animal communicator of your confidence, as long as you are not in any destress and after your feeling decide whether the statements had a look and feel in tune with the conversation a trend in a positive direction.

You should feel good during the talk. An animal communicator will be lovingly, well listen, and make sure that your concerns or issues properly unterstood. He will not put his own views on the subject as a basis. He will find solutions which fit to your possibilties and ask both you and your animal for clearance. He will never tell you what you have to do!

When sudden changes in behavior or health problems, he will always ask you to see your veterinarian or veteneriar practitioner´or another expert, such as Farrier, osteopaths, and so on. He knows what this experts are doing and give you information for possibilities.

Certainly a look at the training and how much and long experience the animal communicator has in this profession is a first important point. Additionally it is good to ask the animal communicator about his experience or trainings with this species of your animal companion. For example, in some case it is more effective to ask an animal communicator who at least sat one time on a horse and know what question to ask to find a solution when you have a problem in that area.


Can you tell my animal what it should do?

A way might be found to justify the animal why it should do something and how important that is for you. Where are possibilities to come together or not. Even if your pet unterstands what it should do, it´s just like with people. We can tell each other what we expect the other one to do. But it is his decision to do it or not.


When I communicate with my animal, do I still have to train it?

We also speak with our children and aducate them anyway! Education and training of our animal companions on a loving sympathetic basis, ensures that for the benefit of animals and the safety of our environment, people and their animals a quick, accurate communication is possible, and an adequately behavior of the situation. Nobody wants to argue whether the dog wants to stay or not at a red traffic light! Also, we must not forget that animals sometimes are subjekt to different genetic reflex, the first rational acting in our best interests, and also cut the attention of telepathic unterstanding reduces. Moreover, most animal companions love to learning together and our affection.




Why is a time interval between the training courses required?

Because we feel the responsibility to offer the best learning. Telepathically communication with animals is the re-sensitizing of skills you have. This is not done tomorrow, but every exercise you made brings new knowledge and new discoveries. They will expand piece by piece, and your communications are becoming clear and iverse. The animals will support you and with every increase of your capacity you will discover wealth.

If the profession feels right for you, your future customers will appreciate that they have found a well prepared animal communicator.

Feel fre to ask further, we always will listen and respond to you!