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Advanced course II

for professional animalcommunicators in telepathic communication with animals and the ones, who wants to become such.


Animal communication as a profession


The course contains:


Consulting abilities and problem solutions


Guidelines for consultations


Work on the spot and on distance


How to tune yourself in to people for the mutual understanding and for successful consultations


How one can sensitively explain and arrange the received communications to the welfare of all ones involved


How one informs people, shows them you ways to solve the problems and how they can improve their relation to their animal companions


A role play as a test for a real communication as an animalcommunicator and -to vary to assistant professor and public- probably the first "real" customers


How to handle crises and difficult situations


Missing animals, illness, dying and death, if animals take on illnesses of their people or emotional problems or have conflicts with other animals


The meaning of former lives during the consultation of animals


Basic knowledge in healing abilities


 Application of the ethic code


How to begin and carry on with the occupation as an animal communicator


How to works with veterinarians, animal practitioners and other people who have professionally to do with animals


Helpful information for the own development




Before the course:


We are asking you for a little patience and self-initiative now:


We wouldn't take the liberty of deciding how you study and develop best! The development of sensitivity, however, is also a question of time, will and exercise. New energies form, which want to be integrated into the own existence harmoniously

After the Advanced Course I, please take yourself time of at least 6 months, preferably 12 months to attain safety, and to check your statements using feedback you will get. During this period of time our assistant professors will be available to give you advice on your request. Also the visit of courses about supplementary topics, such as alternative cures, shamanism, TTEAM training etc., can be helpful besides the repetition of Basic Course or Advanced Course 1, exercise meetings etc. to increase your sensitivity and purchase a basic knowledge in different species.


Before you attend Advanced Course 2, we ask you to submit some experiences, case studies etc. to your assistant professor. At interest you will receive detailed documents.


After the course:


With the completion of this seminar you receive a participation document which authorizes you to describe yourself as an animal communicator trained by the IfteCo after Penelope Smith.


 Would you like to belong to the IfteCo as a consultant, feel comfortable with the ethic code and our targets?


We look forward to you. Your assistant professor will give you the corresponding documents or you request yours directly with us.


Give yourself some time to process the new knowledge from the Advanced Course II and to gain experience with your first customers, then send further case studies and recommendations of your customers directly to the "institution for telepathic communication".