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The Advance I - the Deepening

This course is about 3 full days and offers all the basic course participants with the opportunity to showcase your skills telepathic communication to expand and more knowledge, opportunities and inspiration. Many students have also not perhaps as great successes in the base rate • In this course an overwhelming access to itself. It is advisable for everyone, animal companions to a harmonious and peaceful coexistence would like to deepen.

The group strengths are also here with 4 • max. 12 people very low.


There will be a lot of animals, as well as with plants, minerals, the elements and Mother Earth communicated. We discover  a lot about the unity of nature and wisdom of all species. With shamanic journeys are your personal power animal, a great help and you can support and advise.

We work with personal strengths and weaknesses, to help mind, feelings and interpretations apart.  In the very personal care will support blockades let go and to gain security.


Prior to the course:

Have you already visited the base course, and perhaps also read the second book by Penelope Smith "When animals speak". If possible the contents of the basic course somewhat trained. If you have not visited the basic course with us , but already have basic knowledge, we ask you to clarify the prospective instructor to give him a small summary of your training, knowledge and experience.

After the course:

We are look forward with you to continue with the opportunities to exercise we have introduced in the basic course.

You have than discovered communication with animals is your vocation? Speak with your favorite instructor about the possibilities of a mentor and he will lead you on your journey!