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The Basic course

The course consists of 1 • 1 ½ days, mostly on day 2 split in order to maximize learning. This unusual way of working can be very tiring and adequate recreation and processing stages to support the students in the greatest perception.

It is made aware of how often you have communicated, support to concentrate on a case and partner work tested the first telepathic exercises. It is important to us the traceability of your perceptions to fill the existing skills.

The various types of perception are explained and what can prevent us from understanding. We will make the first experience to empathize in an animal and establish a connection. In addition the expanded exercises and the possibility to be calm and concentrated will be deepened. We work with both present animals and with photos. In this process we always remember the fact that the people of these animal companions reflect the correctness of our perceptions. It is a way to reassure your own thoughts and feelings to learn to trust.

The courses are only with small groups of about 6 • max. 16 participants to guarantee individual care.


What ca be expected from a basic course?


This is as different as we human beings are!


The goal is to put them into a foundation to feel that it is possible for everyone, to cultivate his telepathic abilities again.  

The success will be influenced by your openness and willingness to telepathically communication. Perhaps you find blockades a telepathic connection disrupt and it can be a challenge to deal with this. The course can be a strong enrichment in strength, feelings and connection to all life.

We will have fun and humorous experience with the animals and the more you get free from expectations and pressure, the easier and more varied your experiences.


 Prior to the course

It is recommended to read the book "Animal talk" by Penelope Smith.


 After the course

There are several ways by participating in training groups or forums to continue the exercises and to stay "on the ball  to gain greater security.


Furthermore, according to many of our students, that a repeated visit of a base course can be a large enrichment (after all, there are always other people and animals with different issues present), and like reading a good book at the second time many depths show, which perhaps not previously perceived. For this reason, the instructors resolved to any students who repeat a course for himself or a colleague to offer 50 % of the course pricing.