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Our training is based on the teaching concept of Penelope Smith, Americas best known animal communicator

Our training

  • is a non rigid figure, but considers avery student in its uniqueness and supports whose personal main emphases and abilities


  • offers time for development, growth and the dealing with new energies


  • is a process of development which offers the student personal responsibility


  • ensure attendance and support by mentorship of our instructors


  • enables easy changing between the instructors to make you familar with the different styles of training and to regard your possibilities of time and travel


  • we stand to our responsibility and have the courage to ask a student for a further personal effort and to support these before he is allowed as an animal communicator


  • do not lose the reference to the present reality despite spirituality


  • shall feel right and also encourage to live these unity!


  • regards it as indispensable that an animal communicator acquires busy, specialized knowledge with the different species and works together with professional experts of all sorts of areas. Competence by knowledge around limits!


  • is so structured that the first two courses are an enrichment for everyone who loves the nature and animals


  • takes your professional intentions seriously, accompanies you up to a professional animal communicator and prepares you for the special challenge in dealing with your human and animal customer


  • prepares you carefully before you teach yourself