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Courses which are listet unter "exercise" can be considered to be sensible addition to a education.

All courses are recommendable as an "addition", however not or not only concern a partial animal communication, we have listed under "sonst". Please see the description on the second page!

The courses are german spoken! But : At all workshops in Trier there is a possibility for a translater! If you need a whole english spoken workshop let us know!


Date end
Teacher name
Aufbau II 15.06.2022 19.06.2022 Deutschland, Rheinland-Pfalz 56355 Nastätten Monika Jaeger
Basis 09.07.2022 10.07.2022 Deutschland, Hessen 61231 Bad Nauheim Monika Jaeger
Basis 03.09.2022 04.09.2022 Deutschland, Saarland 66606 St Wendel Monika Jaeger
Basis 17.09.2022 18.09.2022 Deutschland, Rheinland Pfalz 56355 Nastätten Monika Jaeger
Basis 24.09.2022 25.09.2022 Deutschland, Niedersachsen Friesland 26316 Varel/Altjührden Monika Jaeger
Aufbau I 01.10.2022 03.10.2022 Deutschland, Rheinland Pfalz 56355 Nastätten Monika Jaeger
Basiskurs 08.10.2022 09.10.2022 Deutschland, Bayern 91315 Höchstadt a.d. Aisch Monika Jaeger