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Telepathic communication with animals


You are convinced that your animal understands you, has feelings, thinks of one's own and has something to transmit for you?


What is a telepathic communication with animals?


There is a modern coinage for old knowledge, marked also as an animal communication or telepathy. The animals were described lovingly as brothers and sisters in many cultures, the plant world as the small green people. 


Telepathy is the starting point for every human language, however also animal lute and body language. Every expression is based on a thought, an idea or a picture - "Feeling on a distance" is the original meaning of the word telepathy.


All creatures communicate with each other in this way. This is nothing abnormal. It is an innate ability of all beeings including human. Unfortunately, it is taught to us already in our childhood to ignore and to dismiss this as imagination.


How often do you have already fared, that you knew what your opponent wants to say before the words were pronounced, you thought of somebody who reported shortly after this? How often your cat has already seemed punctual in the living room as you wished cuddle her a little or your dog already got restless when you only thought whether you shall go for a walk now or an hour later?

A telepathic communication with animals is nothing else but a sensitization of the senses, conscious to simple receiving and sending of feelings, thoughts, pictures, words or simple knowledge.


Animals communicate with their body language, with lutes, but also permanently telepathically with animals of the same species or other species, like humans. We receive news from them depending on our attention, perception ability and the common "wavelength".