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Penelope Smith, pionier of communication with animals

Penelope Smith has her lifetime communicates telepathically with animals. 1971 she discovered that animals react on the same therapy techniques as people when it comes to emotional trauma and problems to handle. Her university degree in social sciences and the   years of experience in advising people were good help. Penelope Smith has a rich knowledge in nutrition education and energy work. She did research in the field of animal nutrition and devoted to the study of anatomy, behavior and care of animals. This was be added by first-hand education of thousands of animals she was connected with.


Her concerns are to improve the understanding between human and animal, the suspending of behavioral disturbances and restoration of well-being.


The visionary work of Penelope Smith is in newspapers, magazines, books, as well as numerous radio and television programs in the United States and other countries. As the leading pioneer in this area, she has developed proven techniques for learning the telepathic communication, including use of scientific knowledge as well as traditional methods. Her methods promote the abilities of people to a better understanding and better communication on many levels • physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She is a world leader in the teaching of basic knowledge and advanced telepathic communications and has helped  numerous animal communicators to follow their vocation and to begin the work. Penelope feels that the spiritual connection we build with other species by the telepathic communication is essential to human wholeness. 


She believes that everyone is born with power to communicate with other species and although the people have lost this ability a long time ago, it can be recovered for the benefit of all living beings on earth.