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Call in an animal communicator in behavioural problems


The coexistence with our animal companions in our technical age has specific challenges and is often far removed from the natural behavior and needs of an animal.  Difficulties often arise when natural inclinations needs are contrary to our lives.


If the neighborhood calls tranquility and peace, is this aginst the attentive of our comrades who perhaps will call our attention with barking or would like to defend his home. Our aesthetics is not well with claws which are sharpened in our new furniture and our sense of hygiene finds markers inside the home unnecessary. Our dog thinks it is not necessary to wait on us because we are moving too slowly, he is sure to find us and our cat does not understand that we are not happy about mice took home!


The possibilities of interacting are limited in both humans and animals by the tolerance of the individual. If this tolerance limit is exceeded we call it a problem.


The task of an animal communicator is not to take part and say what to do. In a neutral position the animal communicator is working as a mediator, which helps meet the needs of both parties to clearly define. Try to bring clear understanding in the respective concerns and views. After this process of mutual understanding any limitations can be adapted and it can be clearly defined what is possible or what is absolutely impossible and necessary. A discussion about possible solutions, responsiveness, consequences or alternatives may emerge.


Already the understanding of behavior by the people can bring big changes. The effect of these talks can be used in a disappearance of the problem "as if by magic", as well as in changes in the interconnected (an adaptation of borders), or in the beginning of a mutual learning process.


Already prolonged difficulties are most likely not going to take away, but should be a way in a positive direktion and harmonious possible.


A responsible animal communicator will never promise that he solves a problem for you! He contributes  the best knowledge and belief to you and your animal companions to create a possibility to step up to each other!